Press Release The Covenant of Righteousness

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eBook release: The Covenant of Righteousness

Published by Shama Ministries

Author Louwrens Erasmus

How can I ensure that when I have spent my last day on this earth, that I will receive everlasting life?

This was the question I tried to find an answer for after hearing those damning words; “You have cancer and we could not completely remove it. We actually found it by accident, and if we did not find it you would have survived for possibly another year. We will see if we can fight it with chemotherapy although there are no conclusive tests that it will work for this type of cancer.” Nobody is ready to die at age 43, especialy when you still feel full of life. These are not the words anyone ever wants to hear.

I asked our pastor for answers to my question but to no avail. Even with his doctorate in theology he could not give me that assurance I needed. I eventually spoke to other pastors, read just about every book that were supposed to answer my questions, but could not find a conclusive answer.

I eventually decided to use my training of over 20 years in systems analyses in the computer industry to use the same methods in analyzing the Bible to see if I could find the answers myself. Maybe I could find the answer I needed this way.

Now, after a further 20 plus years I have reached the point where I would like to share my answers with others and trust that many people will find the answers to their questions. During this time of searching I read the following  passage while searching for answers in the Bible; Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘Write all the words which I have spoken to you in a book.”(Jeremiah 30:2) So even though I am fairly weak nowadays due to the cancer they left inside of me, and not being able to work for the past three years, I somehow found the energy to complete this command. It really took a long while as I had to undergo a major life saving operation last year also.

The name of the book is The Covenant of Righteousness and details the road that the Lord took me on. At the core of this road is the covenant that the Lord made with Abraham, and what Jesus came to do in order to fulfil this covenant, and how I as a stranger to this covenant, can find that blessed assurance to all my questions. It also details the impact this has on our different belief systems we practice today. Not one of the people I made contact with or book I read ever made it so clear to me and answered my questions I battled with for years. And now even as I prepare for my final day on earth, I can confidently look forward to seeing Jesus when that day arrives. It is not a theological or philosophical discussion, but a book that I know most Christians will find extremely useful.

One of the responses I had from one of the early readers was as follows: “Hi Louwrens. This is an extremely interesting book from you. I have actually learnt quite a lot from it. Are you going to publish and make it available in print format also? Or are you going to publish it on your website where people can download it? It is time that we all take a look at the covenant and return again to the fundamental principals as you understand it and researched it. It is an extremely useful book and put together in such a way that I would really like to get one of the first published copies. You map out the road extremely well and builds on your understanding. I am very impressed with it. We need books like this in Afrikaans”. I took the liberty to also make it available in English.

Our aim is to make the first 2,000 copies of the ebook The Covenant of Righteousness available for free on our website. All the reader has to do is to go to our site, and dowload it from HERE. To learn more about myself and to find other books and DVD’s that I have written during this time, our website is at

You will also find this press release on our website in both English and Afrikaans.

My contact details are as follows:


Cell phone 0732345665


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