Evidences of a Christian

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Are there any physical evidences that we should see in a Christian? In other words, should people be able to see that you are a Christian without asking you? These types of questions kept me thinking about this subject for quite a while. I looked at various people, including some highly esteemed and many self proclaimed Christians, but did not really see something that differentiated them from non-Christians. The Bible declares in the Bible that we should be different, and this is confirmed in Malachi: “Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not.” (Mal 3:18)

For myself, I could not just accept what someone else had written about the subject, so I asked the LORD what His opinion is. He gave me the answer.

How did I do it? I looked at certain scriptures that list some of these evidences, and expounded on them. For the most part it will only be direct quotations from the Bible, as nobody could write it better than the original writers of the Bible.

The subjects I will look at is follows:
1. A person redeemed by the LORD.
2. That chooses to serve the LORD
3. That does what the LORD wants
4. Understanding that the Scriptures are the only complete and perfect revelation of God, His Son Jesus Christ, truth, and instruction regarding all things pertaining to this life.
5. Love for and fear of God above all else.
6. Continually seeking God, great desire to please Him, and through prayer and diligent study of Scripture, consistently growing in wisdom and knowledge of the truth.
7. Has repented of past sins and their life of sin. The power of sin is completely broken, now thoroughly pure in their thoughts, words and actions – resists all temptation – no secret sin remains.
8. Has become a servant of God, desires only to do His will and to see Him glorified and praised in all things.
9. Content with present circumstances, free from love of money and from covetousness (desire for more).
10. No attraction to the world and the things of this world, has forsaken this life.
11. Walks in brokenness and humility, free from pride.
12. Teachable, loves and invites correction – able to do so to others.
13. Understands that chastisement from God, afflictions, trials, temptations, suffering and persecution will follow and that these things build godly character.
14. Walks closely with God, knowing that it is possible to fall away, eternal salvation is only assured at death.
15. Maintains Biblical separation from false brethren or backsliders, warning them of God’s judgment in love and hope of restoration.
16. Husband is spiritual head of home, loves and honors wife.
17. Women in subjection to husbands, modest in dress and appearance.
18. Children disciplined in subjection, and instructed in the ways of righteousness.
19. Maintains reasonable care for body – no destructive habits.
20. Loves, serves and builds up true Body of Christ, rich in good works, giving time and resources to needy brethren or others as the Spirit directs. Does the work of the Lord.
21. Practices complete honesty in every matter, speaks only pure truth, and lives in total obedience to the laws of man unless disobedience to God is required by man’s law.
22. Walks carefully among weak brethren so as not to cause them to stumble.
23. Has brought forth fruit worthy of repentance – has corrected past sins when possible.
24. Understands that these things are wrought by abiding in Christ, not by their own knowledge, effort or by keeping law or rules (works).

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