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The Covenant of Righteousness


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A new theology I bring to you. An age old theology based on a covenant with Abraham, of Jesus and of righteousness. This may sound like a dichotomy, but please bear with me as I will try and explain this dilemma. I have spent the last twenty or so years trying to find a theology that I believe is the real message of hope from the Bible. This has taken me from the typical Calvinist churches, to Pentecostal, charismatic, and even home churches. Some of these churches I attended as a member, some as a visitor, some as a pastor and yet others by visiting their websites.

What did I find?

I believe in a LORD whose word is consistent throughout the ages. I believe in an age old covenant with Abraham, the fulfilment in Jesus Christ His son who showed the way to a covenant of righteousness. This ebook explains the Covenant as described in the Old Testament and what Jesus came to do to fulfill it. It also looks at the effect of the covenant on Israel as nation, on Calvin and his doctrine of election, on the interpretation under dispensasionalism, and the effect on the rapture theory.