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Dreams and Visions – A Biblical Perspective


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Biblical vocabulary for the language of dreams, visions and prophecy is that which is used in the Bible. The Old Testament scriptures are steeped in the language of symbolism, metaphors, typologies, analogies, allegories and parables which are of the language of dreams, visions and prophecy. This is also true of the parables of Jesus and of the book of Revelation.

In this eBook I am listing some of the Biblical vocabulary of the language of dreams, visions and prophecy that Daystar Ministry in Australia has encountered. The interpretations of the Biblical words are just some of the possibilities. This list is only to help you grow and develop in the ministry of dreams, visions, prophecy and their interpretations. The Holy Spirit is the one you can safely trust to guide you into all the truths of the dreams and visions of God. The Lord may use both the vocabulary of the Bible and your own personal vocabulary to speak to you in dreams and visions.