I have done some calendars for various cancer groups for 2019. The quality of the photographs will print decently on standard A4 or letter size paper. So save the file and print on your colour printer or at your favourite photo printing shop.

You can download the breast cancer calendar for 2019 here. This is for all people to use but highlights the pink ribbon. My wife had a bilateral mastectomy last year so this is my reason for doing this.

I also have one for NET cancer patients and caregivers. This cancer is also known as Carcinoid, and some people like myself develop Carcinoid Syndrome. For me this is unfortunately a lifelong sentence and things can only get worse rather than better. This calendar can be downloaded here.

I will not ask for your details or charge you for this, but would welcome a donation to fight this cancer. You can do that through PayPal and send the donation to or go to our donations page here:

Thank you for supporting our cause and fight against this disease.

Ek het ook ons 50 Jarige herdenking van ons matriekjaar in 1968 as kalender beskikbaar. U kan dit aflaai as ‘n voorbeeld van hoe ek kalenders kan uiteensit of indien u dalk in DF Malan in Crosby was en dalk van die kalender wil gebruik maak. Die skakel is hier