On Stumbling Blocks and the Corner Stone.

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Do you follow your church grouping or pastor blindly? Do you take every word that he/she speaks as gospel. Or are you still sitting on your reserved seat every Sunday for the past how many years, listening to the same but slightly different presentation from your pastor? Have you ever questioned what was said or done by the “management” of your congregation? So in other words, you hear a message from the Bible every Sunday, and cannot wait to get to next Sunday to get your fix again.

Or you sit in one of the mega congregations where you feel in seventh heaven after the lights and music show in which you participated and you feel so good that you could stomp your feet and even dance a little. And now you wait for your weekly dose of feel good words as everybody knows all the people there are saved and if the person is not saved you know that they will go forward when the altar call is made and then everything is perfect.

This is how probably 90% of people live that calls themselves “saved”. You know all the right verses but when you are challenged, you either say that you will look at that subject or you that you are not really qualified to give an answer.

So can you get further than the milk doctrines that are called in Hebrews 6 verses 1 and 2. Can you explain it without using your Bible or your pastor?

These are some of the questions I try to answer in this book. Things like what did Calvin actually stand for. Not how we interpret his doctrines of TULIP today and then come up with silly answers that I am a 2 point Calvinist. You are either a 5 point Calvinist or 0 point Calvinist. You cannot only believe one point and now call yourself a Calvinist.

I look at Luther and discuss his good and bad points. And so cover a multitude of questions, but I specifically look at what probable 60% of Americans believe in and that is the Left Behind series. Yes, they do not believe the Bible but put their trust in what was crowned as the best Christian Fiction series during the 1990’s. At least that is the accolades they received. Never did they receive any awards for correct interpretation of anything. Then I also look at two people who have made a huge impact in our thinking today and probably the past thirty years or more.

I end of with seeing what the real gospel is that we should look at as defined by the Apostle and Disciple Peter. This is the person Jesus said He will build His Church on, so I believe that is an apt person to look at.

The book On Stumbling blocks and the Cornerstone can be downloaded here.